Rifca Taji Charity Foundation

“A noble woman who can find? She is far more precious than jewels” (Proverbs 31:10).

“And spread the wing of mercy  in humility over to them, and say, ‘My Lord! Have your mercy on them, just as they [had mercy on me] when they raised me as a child!’”  (Qur’an 17:24)​


Born to the renowned Damascene Taji family on August 29, 1929, Rifca was taught to believe in the core values of faith in God, devotion to family, love for individuals and education. She enrolled at the English Department of the American University of Beirut.  But as the custom dictated, she left her university studies when she was married to the late Baha Eddin Diab in 1950. She fully devoted herself to her husband. In the course of their marriage they had four children Bassam, Rima, Fawaz and Hassan.  Her devotion to her family was outstanding and left its imprints in the lives of their children.  ​After the passing of the loving husband on February 13, 1970, Rifca then took on the full responsibility of the family affairs and its business competently and professionally.  She managed her late husband’s estate in a very wise manner, and invested all she had in the education of her children. Despite the 1975 civil war that tore Lebanon apart, forcing her to relocate the family on several occasions, Rifca was determined that all her children would continue their formal education at the best possible schools. She wanted her children to be fully equipped to face societal and life challenges with solid education and cultural underpinnings.   From 1977 until 1985, she traveled with her youngest son Hassan as he pursued his doctoral degree, however, Rifca continued to devote her time to being a loving mother and grandmother to each of her children and grandchildren.  She continued to instill in them the rock-solid values that she had learned and promoted throughout her life. Even when weakened through the aging process, her soul and spirit strengthened and grew to inspire all who encountered her.  Words of wisdom did not cease to come from her mouth, and her ongoing spirit of determination lifted those who visited her in her last days. On June 8, 2011, Rifca Taji left her earthly body to join her Creator --the One to whom she had devoted her life.  Her departure was a difficult experience to all those who knew her and loved her, but her legacy was nevertheless assured through her loving vision and good works. “Her children rise up and call her blessed” (Proverbs 31:28a). Say: “Act, and God will see your deeds, and so will His messenger and the believers. In the end, you will be brought before Him who knows the seen and the unseen, and He will tell you what you have been doing” (The Qur’an / At-Tawbah 105). ​The core values that Rifca instilled in her children are demonstrated in their devotion to her memory.  The Rifca Taji Foundation is an initiative by Rifca’s children and friends to make her memory a living memorial and a great movement that will inspire the foundation’s supporters and volunteers while benefitting thousands of Lebanese communities.  Rifca’s vision lives on through the work of the Rifca Taji Foundation as it serves disadvantaged women, children and the elderly. ​"When a human being dies, his deeds come to an end except three: an ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, and righteous offspring who will pray for him." (A saying of Prophet Mohammad (P) Narrated by Muslim)

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